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Our family-run business company has a long tradition in the social commerce industry. It was founded a decade ago when Falguni and Dhaval recognize the need to diversify. 

If it makes sense for companies to diversify smartly and position themselves well, why should individuals like you and I not do the same? Many have tried to create diversify sources of income by leveraging real estate, stocks, gig-economy work, and retail as options.

​Most education around the world have prepared you and I to work for someone else, but may not have given you a platform to apply the education to become an entrepreneur. The race to the age of 65 so you can retire is already becoming a pipe dream. 

After a small qualification process, D F Global provides a platform for qualified candidates to launch their own Business in their nonproductive hours (as a Plan B); with a minimum start-up and operating cost. Our secret ingredient is that we not only provide the platform but also provide the coaching and mentorship, backed by an on-the-field experience of more than 50 years unlike anything else you will find, required to make your venture successful.

​​If you are someone who is Ambitious, Coachable, Accountable, and serious to accomplish goals you have set for yourself or your family - we would love to chat more with you.

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